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SELECT TO ENTER AS A GUEST under "Just Visiting?" in the column under the log in. You may have to scroll the page down to see it. There is no need to join or be a member. There isn't anything to see as a member that you can't see as a guest. See also http://blackpowder.biz although this site has more information.  Karen Gillespie owner, Bruce Lingenfelter, lucky spouse, Blue Grouse Black Powder 13410 135 Ave KPN Gig Harbor, WA 98329-4688 EMAIL r2bropratr@netzero.net or call the shop anytime toll free 877 301 0708, if you get the machine, I work a day job in Seattle, leave a message and a time when I can reach you, it's the wifes business and she's usually home. If it's urgent, 253 973 9748 is my cell phone. Now to get in the key words for internet positioning: On this site you'll find underhammer rifle, underhammer pistol, underhammer smoothbore shotgun and custom muzzleloaders I am an Underhammer muzzleloader blackpowder parts manufacturer with an exclusively dedicated site for actions, locks, barrels, hammers, triggers, sights, ramrods, scopes, guns, rifles, muzzle loader pistols, black powder bullets, round ball, bullet mold, mould handles, kits, Hopkins & Allen rifle smoothbore or rifled shotgun and pistol kit accessories and data from bench rest and hunting research.



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